July 20, 2024

Important Questions For LL.B (Part-I)

Most Important Questions for University Final Exams


Q1- Give short answers to the following questions. ALL FOUR QUESTIONS ARE COMPULSORY TO ATTEMPT.                                                   (4×5=20)

Prepare these 3 stories:

  • The Hollow of Three Hills
  • The Yellow Wallpaper
  • The Signalman

Q2- Fill in the blank with appropriate article. Rewrite the sentence if no article is needed. 10

 Q3- Identify the underlined part of speech.                                                                       10

Q4- Change the narration of ANY FIVE of the following sentences.                          (5×2=10)

Q5- Change the voice of ANY FIVE of the following sentences.                  (5×2=10)

Q6- Write an essay on ANY ONE of the topics(250 words).                                           15

Important Topics:

  • Environmental Pollution
  • Choosing a Career
  • Energy Crisis in Pakistan
  • University Education
  • Internet(IT)
  • Role of Student/Woman in Nation Building

Q7- Write a letter                                                                                                                            (10)


  • Write Letter to the Chairman of PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) to make the Cable Operators duty-bound to check on the Broadcasting of Immoral and Unethical Channels.
  • Write Letter of Application to the Chairman City Corporation or (WASA) to make arrangement for regular water supply to your area.
  • Letter of Application To Bank Manager Requesting Him For Educational Loan.
  • Letter of Application To Bank Manager Requesting Him For Educational Loan.

Q8- Read the passage carefully and answer the questions at the end.                    (3×5 = 15)

(Use your own words to answer the questions.)

Political Science

  1. What is State, Essential Elements & Functions of State and Relationship Between State & Society, Utilitarian And Socialist View Of State.
  2. What Are Types, Roles And Functions Of Political Parties.
  3. What Is Government & Its Functions Also Discuss Presidential And Parliamentary Form of Government
  4. What Are Interest Groups? Explain Their Functioning And Effect On Political Decision Making?
  5. Define Political Parties And Differentiate Between Political Parties And Pressure Groups and their impact on decisions.
  6. Define public opinion with reference to its formation and sources.
  7. What is The Subject-Matter Of Political Science? Also discuss its Scope and Approaches To Study.

Important Topics:

  • The Concept of Liberty
  • The Kinds of Elections And Methods of Voting
  • Federation
  • Democratic & Non-Democratic (Dictatorship)way of Govt.
  • Monism Vs. Pluralism
  • Law And Also Mention Its Kinds And Sources
  • Fascism
  • Globalization


  1. What Is Sociology? Discuss Its Significance As A Subject For The Students Of Law.
  2. Define Socialization? List Agents Of Socialization And Discuss Media As An Agent Of Socialization In Detail
  3. Define Social Stratification? What According To You Are Important Criteria For Social Stratification In Pakistan? Give Examples.
  4. Write Down A Comprehensive Note On The Factors That Have Brought Socio-Cultural Change In Pakistani Society.
  5. Explain Social Norms And Discuss Their Types With Examples.
  6. Define “Culture”. Discuss Its Components With Examples
  7. Define Deviance And Discuss Any Two Theories Of Deviance To Explain Crime In Society.
  8. Define And Discuss Social Group And Its Types With Examples.
  9. Write A Note On The Institution Of Education And Its Functions In Pakistani Society.

Important Topics :

  • Social Interaction
  • Status & Role
  • Role Of Institutions In Developing A Law Abiding Society
  • Social Change , Its Characteristics And Collective Behavior.
  • Globalization And Its Impact On National Politics

Philosophy of Law

  1. What Do You Undrestand By The Term “Law”? Explain It With The Help Of The Definitions Given By Jurists.
  2. Explain Civil And Criminal Law In Detail And Highlight The Difference
  3. Elaborate The Historical Background And Dicey’s Concept Of The “Rule Of Law”.
  4. Explain Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory With Reference To Its Criticism
  5. Explain The Statement “Law As A Norm Of Action” In The Light Of Kelsen’s Pure Theory Of Law.
  6. Explain Critical Theory And Highlight Its Salient Features
  7. Explain Legal Right. Explain The Essentials Of A Legal Right
  8. Define Natural Law Theory, Explain Its Importance Features And Criticism
  9. Explain Legal Positivism With Reference It Criticism.

Important Topics:

  • Conventional Law
  • Imperative Law
  • International Law
  • Customary Law

Pakistan Studies

  1. Write A Detailed Note On The Ideology Of Pakistan In The Light Of Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Speeches And Poetry
  2. Write Note On Shah Wali Ullah And His Movement
  3. Discuss Sir Syed’s Educational And Political Services For The Muslims Of The Sub-Continent Of India.
  4. Write A Note On The Khilafat Movement In Detail.
  5. Write A Critical Note On The Working Of Congres Ministries 1937 To 1939.
  6. The Solution Of The Kashmir Problem Is Essential For The Durable Peace In The South Asian Region.
  7. Analyze The Importance Of Lucknow Pact, 1916
  8. Write A Comprehensive Note On The Importance Of Pakistan For The Muslim Countries And Relations With Them.
  9. Highlight The Aims And Objectives Of The Creation Of Pakistan
  10. What Do You Know About The Martial Law Of Zia Ul Haq And His Steps Taken For Industry.
  11. Write A Note On Islamic Providions Of The 1973 Constitution. (Or) Highlight The Steps Taken For The Islamization In Pakistan
  12. . Describe The Salient Features Of 1973 Consititution Of Pakistan
  13. Discuss The Early Problems Of Pakistan.

World Legal Systems

  1. Define The Term Legal System And Discuss The Sources Of Legal System And Their Various Forms.
  2. The Impact Of Globalization On The World Legal System.
  3. What Do You Understand By The Term “Common Law” And Elaborate The Similarities And Dissimilarities Between Common Law Legal System And Civil Law Legal System.
  4. Discuss Historical Development Of “Roman Legal System’ And Its Influence On The World Legal System.
  5. Discuss The Fundamental Features Of Law Of “Twelve Tables” In Roman Legal System.
  6. What Is Meant By “Natural Justice” And Discuss The Scope Of Principles Of Natural Justice System In World Legal System.
  7. Discuss Historical Development and sources of Islamic law.
  8. Explain The Phrases “Audi Alterm Partem” And “Nemo In Propria Causa Judex, Ease Debet”.
  9. Discuss The Landscape And Building Blocks Of Social Legal System.
  10. Discuss Historical Development Of Legal System Of Pakistan And Its Present Day Form
  11. Alternative Dispute Resolution (Adrs) In Expeditious And In Expensive Method To Resolve Civil And Commercial Disputes In Pakistan. Discuss The Scope And Reasons For Acceptability Of This Method And Highlight The Role Of Courts In Pakistan In The Promotion Of Adrs.

Important Topics

  • Hybrid Legal System
  • Megna Carta
  • Globalization Vis-à-vis World Legal System
  • Law making process in Pakistan
  • Courts System of Pakistan
  • Difference between Parliamentary and Presidential Systems
  • Hadd vs Tazir punishments in Pakistan legal system
  • Development of constitution in the post-independence period (1947- 1973)