Pre-Islamic Arabia


The term “Pre-Islamic Arabia” Refers to the times of Ignorance and Paganism in Arabia . It is the the time Before the rise of Islam in 610CE. Before Islam, Arabia was filled with Ignorance, Cruelty and Oppression. People were divided into various groups and sects and Arabia was involved in Internal War all the time. Rest of the world was in similar condition as Tyranny, Cruelty and Oppression was spread all over world. Arabs used to bury their new-born daughters Alive because they saw then as a sign of shame. The Mankind was at the verge of Destruction!

Religion in Arabia:

Arabs worshipped many Gods and Goddess . Furthermore they worshipped Idols, Fire, Sun, Moon, Stars, Animals like cow and even Private parts of male and female. Judaism and Christianity were major Religions of the region. But those Books were not like as the original book that was revealed. Jews and Christians made several changes in Bible and Torah for personal gains. Both books lacked proper Comprehensive laws and regulations for social life. Due to the reason it was unable to provide people with proper deliverance and comprehensive guidance. Moreover, People all over the world shared similar superstitious Ideas, Beliefs, Extreme Ideologies, Myths and Inhuman Activities. The fire of Corruption was raging and Brutality was everywhere.

Dark Age Arabia:

Before the arrival of Islam, Arabia was known as “Burnt Land”. It was viewed as a strange place by Romans and Sassanids. It was a Collection of Red Hot Hills, Sand dunes, Sand Valleys and a Dead Land. There was no agriculture and water was a Valuable resource as there was hardly any water of plants on the land.

All the Empires like Roman Empire and Sassanid Empire avoided conquering Arabia as it was useless to them. It would have been a Big mistake to take control of land which was always hot, people lived in a horrible condition and there was hardly any Resources.

Arabia was Filled with Tyranny and Injustice. It was Highly Dominated by Traders and Usurers. People traded their women for Money. Usurers used to heavily Exploit the poor and needy. Arabia was in a continuous Civil war. The Most Powerful tribe was considered Pure Arabs so all they the tribes kept fighting each other for Money and Power. Many Innocent people became victims to Tribal Conflicts.

Racism was at all time high. Different tribes used to fight to prove themselves Superiors and Prove their Arab descend. The House Of Allah “Ka’aba” was converted into an Idol temple and the whole city was covered with Idols of Different Gods.

Plunder, robbery, savagery, aggression, and treachery were their obvious characteristics, and genocide was considered a sign of bravery and courage. Arabs vainly Gloried the number of their children and wealth. The tribe which has large wealth and Number of off springs prided on it and considered it to be their acheivements.

Before the Emergence of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) ,Daughters were viewed as a shame to the father or harmful. They were also afraid of Poverty destitution, So they Daughter were either killed and then buried or just Buried Alive by their own fathers. Whenever a man was given the news of birth of a daughter, he became angry and in a state of rage and fury. And he began to think of a way to get rid of the Daughter. Even having one daughter was Considered a Shameful act and they family was looked down upon by the rest of the tribe.

Allah (S.W.T) says about it In the Qur’an Al Kareem:

`And they ascribe daughters to God, glory be to Him, and for themselves (they would have) what they desire. And when a daughter is announced to one of them, his face becomes black and he is full of wrath. He hides himself from the people because of the evil of that which is announced to him. Shall he keep it with disgrace or bury it (alive) in the dust? Now surely evil is what they judge' (16:58-59).
`And do not kill your children for fear of poverty; We give them sustenance and yourselves (too); surely to kill them is a great wrong' (17:31).

Imam Ali Described the Condition of Arabs in the following words:

… And you Arabs were at that time followers of the worst beliefs and lived in a land of burning deserts. You lived on the stony ground amidst poisonous snakes that fled no voice or sounds. You drank polluted water, ate rough, unwholesome foods, shed each other’s blood, and removed yourselves from your relatives. Idols had been set all around you and you did not avoid sins…

Nahj ul-Balaghah

All of this ended after the Emergence of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). He Restored Peace, Justice, Generosity and Kindness into the world. He filled the land with Love and Peace. He took Arabs from Ground to Top of the world. He unified the Arabs and Converted the weak Arabs into a Superpower. Arabs stayed a Dominant Power for centuries. Arabs never experienced such heights before because they had Immoral , unscrupulous and Corrupt Rulers. Such Humans are unable to Rectify human societies and protect people.

It goes without saying that a fundamental, comprehensive, and all-encompassing revolution is required for important reformation of such a society. However, the leader of such a vital movement and revolution must be a divine man sent down by God so that he would be and remain free of tyranny and any aggressive, selfish tendencies, and would not destroy his enemies for his own selfish interests, under the guise of purification, but would try to reform and rectify them, working solely for God’s sake, the welfare of the people, and the improvement of human societies.

It is the Divine Leaders, Guided by Almighty God, who are able to make profound transformations into people’s Individual and Social Life.

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